What Is Financial Shortage?

It is easy to find advice on how to invest in the financial market. However, people do not always take into account something important known as a financial need . When someone decides to invest, it is necessary to analyze this grace period.

In financial investments, there is a period of time when you can not move money. The time between the application and the possibility of financial movement is known as financial shortage.

For example: in the investment contract a grace period of 60 days is foreseen. Thus, only after 60 days of signing the contract will it be possible to withdraw the money. Be the total value or only part of it.

Not every application works like this. Fixed income securities – such as the CDB – may be deficient.

Difference between maturity and financial shortage

Difference between maturity and financial shortage

Grace and maturity are two concepts that arise when there is no daily liquidity in investment. That is, when it can not be daily redeemed without losing value.

A fixed income investment, such as CDB, always has an expiration date. On that day, the investment will win and your money, along with the proceeds, will be credited to your bank account.

The deficiency, as has been said before, is the date from which the redemption can be made.

For example: An investment was made directly with a bank on August 25, 2018. The investor has received the following information:

Deficiency : October 25, 2018

Maturity : August 25, 2020.

This means that as of October 25, the investor CAN redeem the investment. And, on August 25, 2020, the investor MUST redeem the investment, and the redemption will be done automatically, even if the investor forgets that date.

There are some investment options with the same vesting and maturity date. This means that it is not possible to redeem the money before the end of the investment. Those are the possibilities with the improved rates.

But caution is needed. What the person who wants to invest needs to analyze is whether the money invested can, or does not stay put. One must know if this amount may be necessary for the investor in a short time.

Remember that it is possible that money needs to be stationary for two years or more.